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Stevie Notes









an explosive blend of Soul and Garagefunk. Vocalist,

Stevie Notes has Electric and powerhouse vocals that will bring Sam Cooke to mind.

Guitarist, Erick Walls delivers a melodic, southern style, reminiscent of Muddy Waters.

With their tribal-style drum and bass production – it’s no wonder  the members

of BLACK WAAT3R are heavily decorated talents in their own right. Together

BLACK WAAT3R create a sonic sound that is both absolute and individual.

Their Songwriting delivers a wide range from folk style storytelling to sexy themes

with social undertones. This mind blowing band has definitely earned the credit

of “one of the most talented bands today”.


 Currently BLACK WAAT3R is completing an EP titled “No Genre”.  Lead singer

Stevie Notes says, “Theres no genre that can hold us, we make music, all music”.

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